[Blu-ray] Yamato 2199 Vol.1

[Blu-ray] Yamato 2199 Vol.1

The first chapter of the highly anticipated reboot of the Yamato series is finally out on DVD and Blu-ray. Here is the whole package of the first press edition, with the wrap-around paper “obi.”

Yamato 2199 BD Vol.1

Yamato 2199 BD Vol.1, first press edition

Back of the package

The back of the wrap-around "obi"

The wrap-around paper duplicates the content on the back of the blue plastic case. The special booklet is sandwiched between this and the back of the cardboard sleeve.

The first press edition comes with the beautifully illustrated cardboard sleeve. The rendering of Yamato is grande and powerful.

Yamato 2199 BD Vol.1 sleeve

First-press sleeve

Back of the sleeve

The back of the sleeve

And here is the standard blue plastic case for BDs. Characters on the cover art are by Yuki Nobuteru.

BD case front

The standard Blu-ray case

BD case back

The back of the plastic case

And the content inside the box:

Content inside the box

The disc and liner note inside the box

The disc itself is region-free, and it already has English subtitles.

Vol.1 also comes with a special booklet which contains the storyboard for the opening credit. It has the draft version by Anno Hideaki (庵野 秀明) and the final version by Izubuchi Yutaka (出渕 裕).

special booklet

Vol.1 special booklet


Back of booklet

Back cover of the special booklet

The cover for the booklet is glossy so fingerprint is a concern while handling.

Interestingly, the 2 episodes on disc actually do not have an opening credit, but it is included as a bonus feature.

Overall, it’s a nice package. Bundling a sleeve and a booklet in itself is nothing unusual for Japanese Anime BDs, but the cover art on the sleeve, case, and booklet make this package shine as a whole.